Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Good News! Prescription drug cost and some valuable information.

Good News! Prescription drug cost and some valuable information. Remember this?

A prescription at Meijers Pharmacy WITHOUT INSURANCE, is $247.00 (GENERIC) and the same prescription at SAVE MORE drugs is $75.00(GENERIC). Gee, I wonder what is driving the cost of HEALTH INSURANCE up? My daughter no longer has health insurance and she has an immune disorder and has to take Cellcept or she will get really sick. She has already lost her vision in her right eye and needs to take her medicine. I called Meijer Pharmacy to fill her prescription and without insurance and the cost would of been $247.00 for one month. I was floored. I took the bottle to SAVE MORE pharmacy and they said for me to fill it there, $75.00. I AM BLOWN AWAY and BESIDE MYSELF! Why does a prescription at Meijers cost more than TRIPLE the amount it would cost to fill at a pharmacy that is 1/8 it's size??????? Something is really wrong with this picture. Please leave a comment if you have some kind of logical response to this post because my logical brain just cannot process this. I really need it. Maybe Mr. Meijer's has an answer?

Well, I was furious about the whole situation if you can't tell by the post and so I started a discussion on Meijer's facebook page. I received some very valuable information that I would love to share with you. Here is how the conversation went.


Shannon ............
Some Pharmacies get better deals on medications from the pharmaceutical companies than others. The price that a pharmacy charges the consumer depends on what kind of deal they get from the pharmaceutical company. So if a pharmacy gets charged an outrageous amount of money for a prescription drug, then that charge (from the pharmaceutical company) plus any additional profit the pharmacy charges, gets passed down to the consumer. That why it is always best to shop around when you have to have prescriptions filled.

So where does the responsibility of outrageous price stabbing belong go to? Meijers should still be able to shop around for prices just like the rest of us. There is a HUGE difference between $271 and $75 don't you think?

I agree. They should change pharmaceutical companies. I was looking under the State of Michigan's website regarding laws on medication prices. They said that by law you have the right to ask any pharmacy to price match. So since you found a cheaper price for your daughter's medication, and you ask a Meijer Pharmacist to do a price match to that cheaper price, by law the Pharmacist that you are asking has to abide by that request. If they do not, you have a right to report them to the Michigan Attorney General's Office. Here is the link if you want to find out more information: