Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Good News! Hummingbirds do talk!

Hummingbirds do talk and I'll tell you how I know. I have a hummingbird feeder that I put out at the beginning of summer. Have not seen one hummingbird all summer long. Because of that, I have not filled the feeder for a couple of months now. Actually, I thought it leaked because it kept getting lower in water so I just didn't fill it. No hummingbirds, leaky feeder, no reason to fill it.
 This morning I went out and was sitting at the patio table, not quite awake and drinking my coffee and from the left side of my preferential vision, I caught this object coming in. All of a sudden, low and behold, not 3 to 4 feet in front of my eyes, hovered a hummingbird. It came in as fast as a whip, hovered in front of me (just staring at me) for at least 45 seconds or so and then just that fast, flew off to my right. NOW, after being in total shock at what I just saw, the message was very clear.
What this little guy wants me to pass on I know for sure is this, although you don't see  us hovering around the hummingbird feeder, make sure you keep our food filled. What a beautiful morning!


Sophie said...

LOL! Too cute! I live all the way up in Chicago have never seen any this far north till this summer. I was sitting and sipping, much like you, wearing a bright purple shirt when all of a sudden one of these guys was whipping all around near me. THought it was a bee at first but it soon ignored me and found my flowers!

Diane said...

I had a humming bird feeder earlier this summer and only saw a green humming bird once or twice. Then since it was a cheap plastic feeder the fat squirrel broke it and i didn't see the humming bird for weeks. Today I was sitting at the kitchen window admiring all the finches and sparrows in my new squirrel proof feeder and a humming bird came over on three sperate ocassions and i Swear he was staring right at me. He flew right up to the window screen as if to say "hey lady, where is my food!". He made me feel so quilty haaha. I have to buy more food for the finch feeders so i will see if they have an affordable hummingbird feeder that the squirrels wont be able to demolish

Graphoniac said...

I love those little guys! If you're wondering about how to attract more, I wrote an article on it--

The trick is consistency, really. They're smart little birds, and when they find a food source that's easy and consistent (and free of competition/predators), they'll spread the word, as it were. I guarantee you if you fill your feeder more often and stick with it, you'll see more next year and more after that! And the leak may be the food bubbling out through the ports. That happens to all feeders. But if you can manage to give it some more day time shade, it'll "leak" less.

Good luck!

Graphoniac said...

Ps. I love the sunflowers by your feeder. :)

Robin Quick said...

I love hummingbirds! I always put out a feeder but for some reason just haven't got to it this summer. TY for reminding me how beautiful they are to watch!
mnrquick at yahoo dot com

Fibro Fog and More... said...

We have five feeders up on our back patio and the hummingbirds just flock to them!! My husband has a full time job just trying to keep them full!! Love them!

turq said...

I love hummingbirds! I always put out 5 feeders 3 in the front yard and 2 in the back.. I love watching them. A couple years ago I seen "something" over by my butterfly bush, it was yellow & black just a little larger then a bummble bee, it caught my eye because it hovered like a hummingbird. I went to check it out, and guess what it was!!! Either a baby hummingbird or a tiny tiny tiny one!!! YELLOW & BLACK I had never seen one that color or that small before. I had my cell phone with me a got it on film! That little bird lit on my hand and I have pictures of it setting there, it wasn't even as big as my thumb! I think it may have been so young that it didn't know to be scared of a human, because it sure wasn't scared of me. That's a Day I will never forget!
I love those hummingbirds!