Monday, April 30, 2012

The Omerta Collection by Anthony Dreyer - ($295.00 Val) Review and Givaway! US and Canada!!!!

Mother's Day is fast approaching and I love finding something that my mom just would not get for herself although she so deserves it. Anyways, I found it and it is GORGEOUS! Not only are they Gorgeous, it is totally Unique and something that most people won't have. It is the OMERTA COLLECTION by Anthony Dreyer. Each necklace contains the secret code of your Zodiac sign. How awesome is that? Also, each necklace, depending on your sign, has 1 to 2 carats of genuine diamonds and pearls. I am an Aquarius and this is the necklace that I received for  review. I couldn't be more excited. It is Beautiful!
 The Omerta Collection by Anthony Dreyer was developed with the intention to create beautiful pieces of jewelry that didn't just look great, but gave the wearer the power of a secret message. 
 While large, stand-out pieces have their place, sometimes the most simple pieces are those most treasured. The Omerta Zodiac, is the piece of jewelry you will cherish forever.
Each Omerta Zodiac is composed with approximately 1 to 2 carats of top quality white pearls and genuine, faceted black diamonds arranged in Morse code to spell out each of the 12 zodiacs.

  • Gold/Silver:Gold Plated/Chain Gold/Silver:Sterling Silver Chain
  • Length: 16 or 18 inches 
  • Here is a little about Anthony Dreyer himself:

    Anthony Dreyer was founded in 2008 by Anthony Dreyer. 
Dreyers creative inspiration started 30 years ago at summer camp.  While everyone else was mastering a winning serve on the tennis court,  Anthony was weaving away, making friendships bracelets in the craft room to send to his best friend Jennifer. Oh so many years later he was invited to a holiday party where all of the gifts had to be made, not purchased.  Instead of working that day like a responsible adult, Anthony spent his time recollecting and perfecting square knots for one of his favorite bracelets.  The gift was such a hit at the party, it turned quickly into requests from other friends for additional pieces.  Suddenly Anthony was making bracelets and necklaces for his friends, friends of friends, total strangers and oh yeah, an A-list pop star, A-list stylists,  A-list fashion designers, and a celebrity weekly magazine... The rest, as they say, is history.

     From Anthony’s fun embellished macramé's, to his old school friendship bracelets to his newest omerta collection, each piece of Anthony Dreyer Jewelry relays a statement from the wearer to the world.

    You can view more of Anthony Dreyer Jewelry here at their website, connect with Anthony Dreyer on facebook and on twitter. What are you waiting for? Would you love to give the gift of a secret?
    OR maybe you would just love to own your very own secret Zodiac necklace from the  OMERTA COLLECTION by Anthony Dreyer? Guess what, one of my very faithful readers is also going to get the chance to win this beautiful necklace in your own secret Zodiac sign! Thank you Anthony Dreyer! That is a $295.00 Value and you don't want to miss your chance at that whether it is for you or someone else so enter below! In the comment section "below" the rafflecopter, tell me your sign and what other gorgeous piece of Anthony Dreyer jewelry caught your eye.  US and Canada!
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    Jenna Wood said...

    I like the pearl (full) macrame on pink!

    Carrie Phelps said...

    I would love to have the Omerta: LOML (Love of my life)!!

    Deb Anderson said...

    I'm Aries! And I also love the triple gray pearl macrame on blue

    Nancy said...

    I love the Tahitian & Diamond Medium Silhoutte Pendant the clear colors reflect the light and it's circles give a soft balanced style.

    jodi lasher said...

    I like the
    I am a gemini !!

    jodi lasher said...

    Forgot my email lol

    Unknown said...

    I like the Omerta: This is not a love song bracelet!

    April C.

    shana said...

    full pearl macrame on light blue & the love of my life necklace
    I am a capricorn!

    nineteen19 at blackfoot dot net

    turq said...

    I love the Omerta: Gemini
    I also love the Omerta: May the bridges I burn light the way
    chocho1957 at
    Donna D

    Patti said...

    I love the full pearl macrame on light blue bracelrt. Lovely! Also, I am a Capricorn. January Baby!

    Stephanie said...

    I love the The full pearl macrame on pink, and I am a Pisces!

    Kristin said...

    I like the the full pearl macrame on pink (I swear I do...I didn't copy Stephanie's answer! Pink is my favorite color!). I'm a Gemini!

    Cindy said...

    love the omertà gemini

    clenna said...

    I liked the Omerta: Let's not ruin this with words.
    My sign is LEO

    clenna at aol dot com

    TheresaJenkins said...

    JvDF Classic 35" Long Strand - black

    Anonymous said...

    I like the full pearl macrame on pink. My sign is Cancer

    Ginger said...

    I like the The staggered pearl macrame on black. I am a Capricorn

    Anonymous said...

    The triple green pearl macrame on green
    and I am a Libra. :)

    Wild N Mild $$$ said...

    Omerta: Let's not ruin this with words and scorpio
    Jennifer Rote
    wildnmild4u at yahoo dot com

    Darlene Demell said...

    I like the Omerta: You will do for now
    I am a Scorpio.

    Kim Reid said...

    I like the May the Bridges I Burn Light the Way!

    I am a Taurus :)
    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

    md pappu said...



    arron said...

    Nice post, thanks so much for this sharing!


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