Saturday, March 10, 2012

Whats on your Bucket List!

I am trying to win “the $500 Good Financial Cents giveaway, sponsored by Life Insurance Finder – the easiest place to compare life insurance quotes” Below you will see "What's on my Bucket List"  Below. I am planning on getting these done too!

1. I am going to Travel the Islands, all the Islands. I would love to travel the Islands and spend 1 to 2 weeks on each one. I want to relax on the white sand and sip Pina Coloda's while basking in the sun.

2. I am going to Own my own a house on the Lake. I might not feel the need to travel all the Islands with a house on the lake. Just to wake up to the glimmering sun on the water each morning is a dream of mine. Love the water.

3. I am going to Swim with the Dolphins one more time. I actually got to do this once and it felt like heaven. I would love to do it again in this life time.

4. I am going to Own a new Honda Accord. Nice cars and one day I would love to own one (free and clear, no lien) before I leave this beautiful planet.

5. I am going to Spend a Month or 2 on a trip with my kids site seeing the USA. There is so much to see in the United States and I have only touched the tip of the iceberg and there is no other people that I would love to do it with than my kids and my mom.

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