Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hello Skinny Jeans Review for the 2011 Fall Fashionista Fabulous!

 Hello! SkinnyJeans! Jeans that make you look thinner!
First, SkinnyJeans are made from classic denim but with a high nylon/elastane content. This denim is made exclusively for SkinnyJeans. This gives them a ‘beefy’ strength to hold you in (no wimpy, gummy stretch here) and creates ‘Memory’ it sucks everything in and never sags, bags or grows by the end of the day. (You will not have to wash them every time you wear them!)

Second, the thighs are very 'scooped' out which drastically separates and slims the thighs and pushes the butt out creating a shapely silhouette.

Third, the inseams are drawn forward on the leg making it appear that there is less ‘real estate’ on the front of the leg.

Fourth, the inside non-stretch cotton pocketing lining the front pockets is sewn into the front seam so when the jeans are zipped up a restraining panel is created that pushes the entire stomach area in.

Fifth, the fading and shading pattern on the jeans creates an optical illusion front and back to slim the leg. The inside and outside seams are darkened to make the thighs appear slimmer. The sides of the hips are darker so the hips appear narrower. The buttocks are faded slightly but darker on the hip seams and at the top of the thighs creating ‘shape’ and making the back of the legs look slimmer. The front of the leg is slightly faded down the middle making the leg appear longer. Additionally, barely-visible whickering above the natural leg break tricks the eye into seeing longer legs (as opposed to most jeans with patterns that make the hips look wider and thighs bigger!
Sixth, the cut is a 'barely bootcut'. This balances the shape of the thigh to the ankle making your thighs appear as slim as possible and legs as long as possible.

Seventh, the size, shape and placement of the pockets are solely to make the butt appear smaller and shapelier.

Eighth, SkinnyJeans have a medium rise with contoured stretch waistband - no muffin-top spillover, no plumber's cleavage, no previously nonexistent potbelly!

Finally, the high-waters have receded (Hurray!) SkinnyJeans come in inseams to 37”!! And because the design is so successfully slimming, we make SkinnyJeans in sizes 24-32 and 34, 36, and 38.
Check out the difference chart below!
I received the NightWash, Barley Bootcut SkinnyJeans for review. The classic, slimming jean in ultra-dark, ultra-strength stretch denim. The jean that makes everyone's legs look slimmer and longer... The ultimate in a rich-looking performance jean.
I remember the days (many many moons ago) when I put on a pair of tight jeans to try to look my skinniest. Back in the day, there was no such thing as stretch jeans and I was in agony the whole time I had them on. Now with Hello! SkinnyJeans, those days are gone. I really love the amount of stretch. They are probably the most comfortable jeans I've ever worn and I've been wearing jeans daily for most of my life. For me, I was really am excited that Hello! SkinnyJeans had a length that fit my long leg length. Thank you so much for that too!
I have to say, they are amazingly stretchy and I think they actually do work!!! I'm am already looking at ordering a second pair.

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