Thursday, September 1, 2011

Good News! Money everywhere!

Don't Miss what is right in front of you!
Another new found awareness that I thought was worth sharing. Yesterday I went to the store, a pretty big store at that, nation wide. I went in with 4 items in mind and on a mission. Got my stuff and headed for the self express check out lanes in front of the store. Rang up my items, paid for them, $18.73 worth, grabbed my $2.50 coupon that spit out of the coupon machine to use for the next time I go in and proceeded to walk pass a gentleman at the register in front of mine. He was still paying for his item, I believe he was purchasing a birthday cake. As I was walking by, I noticed the coupon machine at his register had spit out a coupon for a whopping $20.00 of store credit or free items on the next prescription filled at that store. Wow! What I can't do with $20.00 of free stuff. I just could not let that go!

I walked to the Red Box in front of the registers to pretend like I was looking at movies on my way out. "Sneaky me!" I watched the gentleman finish paying for his stuff and walk away from the register without grabbing the coupon. I decided I forgot to get a pack of gum and circled back around to get in line to get to that register so I could grab the coupon. Before I made it there, another woman had beat me to that register so I just stood there again watching her do the exact same thing. Wow! Twice in a row, someone had the chance to get $20.00 worth of store credit or free items and twice that coupon got left hanging from the coupon machine. Guess what! I was next in line and I purchased my gum for $0.89, prior groceries in my basket worth $18.73 and walked out of the store with $22.50 worth of store credit or free groceries.

I was so aware that when we are not in the moment and are doing something and thinking of something else, we don't see what is right in front of our eyes. I am very guilty of that act myself. I just thought it was so interesting that the universe had brought that to my attention right then and there. So the moral of the story, either wake up or you snooze, you loose! Made me wonder how many times I have passed money (or abundance) up as it stared me in the eyes.

By the way, did anyone see the article of the man who found $150,000 in garden?


Bonnie said...

Why doesn't the clerk hand you the coupon? Grocery clerks hand us all coupons. Byw I asked a clerk one time, if the coupon she gave me was a Catalina, she didn't know what I was talking about.

Georgia said...

Actually, they throw the coupons out if someone doesn't grab them before they leave. I had a girlfriend tell me yesterday, she asked the clerk for the coupons that someone else left behind and the clerk would not give them to her. She told my friend they were not allowed to do that. Now that is really ridiculous for sure. My point of the whole thing is really about not being in the moment and not so much about the actual situation. Thanks for commenting!