Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cheater Cheater, Pumpkin Eater! Really??

You can search the winner’s IP address to see if they entered under multiple names from the same computer.
I do have something to say in regards to this statement and I am not saying it or trying to sound mean. My daughter and I live in the same house. We both have respectable blogs and we both do our own thing as to our blogs and our own review and giveaways. But this statement above has limited our ability to enter other blog giveaways because we both share the same computer, one house, one computer. I don't have the money to go out and purchase another computer because someone might think we cheat because we have entered the same giveaway on from our "only" computer. I don't cheat and I don't look for cheaters on my giveaways. I only look at my winner and  check to make sure that the person who was picked as the winner, has done the right thing as to the entries. I look at it this way, all those REAL cheaters, only made it good for the winner because if it was not for the CHEATER, that winner might of been someone else's number. "I hope that made sense." :(

Don't get me wrong, I love Rafflecopter. I am just saying that this statement does not mean that someone is Cheating. "Cheater" entering under multiple names, same computer" is not always true. I am me and my daughter is her, although we share the same computer, "2" different people. 
One other thing, there are so many giveaways out there that most of the time I am afraid to enter because I don't know if I already entered that giveaway. The old way of doing it using comments that you could see at least kept me from entering a contest twice. I now don't enter half as many giveaways as I used to because I don't want to be deemed a "CHEATER". My loss!


Angel Jacklyn said...


Meredith said...

I agree! We have six in our house, but I'm the only one who enters.

I use my Google Reader to track what I've entered. I enter the giveaway as I scroll through or mark it to "keep unread" if I want to enter it later. So for the most part, if it's still there, I need to enter it. I generally avoid the contest reminders and lists of contests to prevent re-entering.

Heather! said...

That really does suck for people entering contests from the same house. Not an issue here, as I'm the only enterer(erer!), but I can eimagine how frustrating that would be. Incidentally--and this is probably a dumb question--is it an issue of using the same computer, or the same router/connection?

I do agree, though, about a major problem with Rafflecopter being the inability to see if you've entered. I really hate that for the big multi-blog giveaways. I have no idea if I've entered on another blog, and I, too, often avoid entering because I'm confused and frustrated. I REALLY hope Rafflecopter will fix that...and SOON!

angie lilly said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My hubby and I used to enter giveaways together as something fun...a hobby of sorts. Then all the blogs started making it 1 per IP addy and we had to stop. Even before this rule became the norm for most blogs, I had received unsolicited emails from complete strangers calling me a cheater because both myself and my hubby entered. We have two PCs, but they are on the same internet modem and thus have the same IP addy I guess....and he would use my PC and vice versa sometimes. We didn't keep track because, as you put it, we are TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE! Now I understand that some people are cheaters and that there were cases where one person was proven to be entering under like six different aliases and email account from the same IP addy, but I feel this HAS to be an exception to the rule and its so unfair to punish everyone who may like to enter giveaways as a family or whatever. I also agree with you about rafflecopter. I love the ease but there have been many times where I have had to re-enter on the forms to be able to just do a daily tweet or vote and have wondered if they think I am cheating. I also leave a comment to let them know what has happened, but never know if they get it or not.

Jayne @ Green Country Girl said...

I think cheaters bite. Plain and simple. And there are a LOT more of them out there than you could possibly imagine. Just read the comments on giveaways through Facebook. People who get four or five of something.

Unfortunately, they have screwed things up for legit entries from the same home. Some major blogs recently held a giveaway sponsored by a company that sells software to enter giveaways by using a program which is a violation of the rules to every sweep I've ever seen. And I've been doing this a LONG time.

If anyone wants a LEGIT software program (it's Freeware so I don't make anything from it), send me an email. It's how I track my giveaways and it's really easy to use.